Windsor Foreclosures – Foreclosure: What Homeowners Can Do to Help Avoid Foreclosure

These days, especially in areas such as California, many individuals are beginning to feel the after-effects of the recent housing bubble while running into a few financial problems along the way. Lenders have been laying off employees, several sub-prime lenders have gone under and it seems there is no escaping the realities of this current housing situation. There are many things a person can do in order to avoid a bank foreclosure.
First, the bank does now want to own the property that they may eventually have to foreclose on and the home owner obviously does want to keep their home. So what sort of things can a homeowner do in order to help their situation? The first thing to do would be to see where exactly they can save money on monthly expenses. Are there any ways to cut back costs on entertainment, such as eating out? Are cable TV and the best cell phone plans really worth the cost? How much gas does a household use? This can be a real cost cruncher as I have found that during winter months, the natural gas expenses can get astronomical at times. I would simply suggest to turn the thermostat down a bit to temperatures that are not so hot, but keep the place warm. Just enough that you may want to wear a sweatshirt to keep a little warmer can really make a big difference in the gas bill. Where are the other expenses? If the car payments are quite high, possibly consider one car. And as for insurance payments, there may be room to increase a deductible amount in order to lower monthly payments as well.
When finding ways to save money are maxed out, where does a person go to? The only way would be towards finding a way to bring in more income. Maybe a second job would not be such a bad idea. Also, finding items such as jewelry and expensive golf clubs and such may be able to make enough money to keep the bills paid for a while. One thing that should be left alone in most cases would be the retirement savings. Pulling money from these accounts will only cost a person as well through items such as early withdrawal penalties and the like. Trying to get back up on top can be a painful process, but if it means saving the house a person lives in then maybe it’s not such a bad idea. The lender would absolutely agree.
The lender ultimately wants you to keep a person’s home. Foreclosing on a home is an expensive process for the bank and they may not even get back as much as they need for the home. Many times there will be a better solution than foreclosure. The good thing is that the lenders are required by their insurers to work with individuals facing foreclosure. If a person speaks with the lender, they may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the lender can do lots of things to help a person out temporarily, such as suspending payments, paying less than the entire monthly amount (but making up for the rest later on), lowering the interest rate through a change in terms, or they may replace an adjustable rate with a fixed rate. Many times, the lender has been willing to take the missed payments and place them back into the balance and even lowering the monthly payments altogether, provided that the homeowner is willing to add more years on to the mortgage.
After all other options have been exhausted and the homeowner simply will not be able to hang on to the home, there are more options in regards to getting through the tough times and avoiding foreclosure. Some other solutions could even be to find a buyer who is willing to take over payments if there is really nothing else that can be done and the person wants to get out of the situation. Or, if the market is really bad, the lender might agree to accept an amount that is less than what is owed on the home. If this is an option given to the owner, then it would be a much easier way to sell the home and avoid the damaging foreclosure process. If nothing else seems to work out, there is yet another option where the lender could possibly just accept the property through a deed in-lieu of foreclosure and the homeowners are cleared of the debt. Foreclosure is something that is extremely damaging to one’s financial record and should be avoided if at all possible. There are many different things a homeowner can do in a situation such as facing foreclosure and it would be advised to set up a meeting with the lender and discuss some of these options and possibly even more.

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