Ottawa Foreclosures – What are the Risk of Buying a Home Foreclosure?

Home foreclosure is the process that enables the lender of money to recover the sum owed on loan defaulted which had been secured by a real estate property. When the borrower of mortgage fails to service the loan within a given period of time, the lender begins the foreclosure process by filing a public default notice. What happens after foreclosure? Can you save your property from foreclosure?

Ottawa home foreclosure can be prevented before it begins or even ended after it has been instituted. When the owner of the property pays the amount determined by law during the preforeclosure period, the foreclosure process will be halted for some time while the owner of the property puts his finances in order. During preforeclosure, selling the property to a third party is also a good option that can enable the mortgage borrower avoid having foreclosure in his credit history. This is a good move since it will be used in rating the borrower’s credit history.


Further when you desire to buy a property during preforeclosure, you need to approach the owner and make an outright offer to buy the property. This will save the owner from the shame and bad the looming bad credit rating. Further, the owner of the property will negotiate for better sale price and take home some money.

There, the owner of the property will negotiate for better sale price and take home some money.

At the end of the preforeclosure period, the lender of the mortgage takes over possession of the property with the intention of selling it in public auction or any other market. When all options fail, the lender has no other option but to repossess the property and sell it in open air market or through direct placement. Ottawa home foreclosures require that the buyer of the home during auction pays 20-40 percent of the property value on fall of the hammer and the rest is paid within agreed period of time. Everybody is free to buy Ottawa foreclosed homes but it is imperative that you research on the property beforehand to enable you make informed decisions. This is not possible with many real estate investors since there is limited time to research on the properties on sale. However,the deal is irresistible since the home is sold at a lower value that if the owner would have sold it.

In summary: Ottawa home foreclosure is the last resort that mortgage lenders adopt to recover their money lend. During home preforeclosures, the owner can stop the home foreclosure by selling the property to a third party and paying the loan, renegotiating with the lender and pay the agreed amount. It is imperative that you avoid foreclosure since it will affect your credit ratings and reduce your ability to obtain credit facilities in the future. If no agreement is reached between the property owner and the lender of the mortgage, the only other option is to put the property for sale in an open air market, mainly an auction.

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