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Lincoln Foreclosures
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If you are looking for a place in Illinois where the unemployment rate is not quite as bad as the rest of the state and the real estate market shows some hope this is a good place to start.

The state capitol of the state of Illinois is Springfield. There are a lot of homes in a cross section here and as you look over the Springfield foreclosed homes you will find the gambit from homes that date back to the era of President Lincoln all the way up the election year of current President Obama and every year in between. Homes in this area of the country are unusually well constructed because they have to be able to withstand extreme temperature and storms including tornados, which are common here.

There is little doubt as you look over the available property that there is a rich a diverse heritage in the area and if you compare the prices you find here against other areas of the state, such as Rockford for example – you will see that the real estate market here ahs held it’s value much better than other areas of the state. This is partially due to the historic significance, the fact that it is the capitol of the state and the fact that the unemployment rate is slightly better than other areas meaning that the people are still working so there have been less overall foreclosure proceedings on the homes of the people that live here.

If you are looking for an area to purchase to make a huge profit, this is more than likely not the best choice. If you are however looking for a place to buy a personal residence in the state of Illinois that has held its value somewhat better than in other areas of the state, this might be the perfect location for you to call home.

No matter what you decide, the area around this section of Illinois would be good although the profit potential will be a little slower than you will realize elsewhere in the state.

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