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You’ve run out of room ins your attic and you need to find a new place to store some things. Sound familiar? Even after the yard sales and giving away items to family and friends, Every home has more accumulations of “stuff” than storage space, and everyone comes to a moment when there has to be a decision made about how and where you will continue to store your precious items. Why not store your things and add a beautiful piece of furniture to your home as well? Amish Chests offer both a stylish and durable place to store your items as well as a way to completely alter the look and feel of your room.

Like all furniture made by these dedicated craftsmen, Amish Chests are created carefully with a timeless process that involves several steps to create the strong and exquisite pieces. Every table can be customized to fit your needs and your personal style. You choose your wood, the stain and the specific style of chest that will best accent your room while supplying a long-lasting piece of storage space. You will see the quality in every line and every corner, speaking volumes about the timelessness of this piece.

Some styles of Amish Chests are:

Batavia:  the clean lines and straight angles of this style make a bold statement in any room of your home. Offering multiple body shapes, you have the option of a “his and hers” style as well as individual sizes.
Bonbelle: This style offers a more decorative line and handle style to create a talking point for your storage space.
Caledonia: A more contemporary style, the flowing curves of this style of chest, along with the small rounded knobs sets off any room with class.
Charleston:  Bring a classic and decorative feel to your room with this style. Offering beveled doors and drawers as well as decorative handles, the wood-grained look is truly beautiful as well as functional.

Create a style within your home while managing your organizational needs at the same time.

We at are dedicated to offering beautiful Amish furniture for all rooms of your home. With the addition of the new website we are able to offer our customers a wide selection of products such as bedroom, office, living room and outdoor furniture. Many products are made of fine oak furniture. Please browse our pages and start designing your living room today!

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